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ATI is a Spanish engineering company. Its partners, together with a strong team of engineers and architects, have extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines such as renewable energy, civil and electrical engineering, urbanism and architectural design.

We seek for excellence at every stage of a project, with special emphasis on communication. ATI considers the client as an internal agent of the project.

Our Philosophy

ATI is built upon three basic concepts: quality, trust and honesty. Every project is developed to the highest design standards, custom fit to our client´s needs.

We seek to think freely, offering alternatives that render the project more profitable for our client. We create trust among all agents of the project so the value of the output is maximized. We face problems with resolution and honesty.

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Our Philosophy ATI Consult
around the world
Engineers and Architects working on projects
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of renewable energy

Our Services

Imagotipo ATI Consult

ATI brings all-round engineering and architectural services, assisting in the development of each project since its inception phase and through conceptual design, detail engineering, on site works supervision and commissioning. Always hand in hand with our clients to achieve their goals.

Renewable Energies

  • Feasibility and integral conception studies of wind farms, solar farms, hydropower plants and hybrid generation systems
  • Micrositing and wind farm optimization
  • Technical assistance as Owner’s Engineer
  • Renewable energy projects development

Civil Engineering

  • Structures and foundations design and calculation
  • Roads and transport infrastructures design and calculation
  • Hydraulic structures design and calculation
  • Civil works control and supervision

Electrical Engineering

  • Medium and high voltage electrical lines design and calculation
  • Electrical substations design and calculation
  • Electricity generation plants design and calculation
  • Electrical works control and supervision

Urbanism and Architecture

  • Urban Planning projects at all levels
  • Local urbanization projects design and calculation
  • Industrial, commercial and residential buildings design and calculation
  • Topography and cadastral studies

Who’s behind?

Pablo Solana ATI
Pablo Solana


“Each project is a challenge. We see it as a chance to improve, to share ideas. I keep on learning from my team. I am particularly impressed by their inventiveness and resolution”

Industrial Engineer in Energy Technologies, UPM. PHD. Industrial Engineer – Mathematic , UPM. Research Fellow in Essex and Cambridge universities. Professor of Finance in exceedance. He has been consultant for British Aerospace, Rolls Royce and United Nationss (PNUD).

Jorge Maldonado ATI
Jorge Maldonado


“Making the needs of our client our own and sharing them with our team truly fulfills our goals. Working in a team culture enlarges our spirit”

Industrial Engineer, UPM. Professor in Energy Technology, Thermal and Environment Engineering at Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio and UPM. In Spain he has made several industrial projects for Iberdrola, Aena, Renfe, Endesa, Ericsson, Alstom. Since 2004 he has been involved in the development of numerous infrastructure, building and urbanism projects in Equatorial Guinea.

Antonio Mahou ATI
Antonio Mahou


“We do not fear a blank sheet of paper. We see in it the chance to build the unthinkable, enjoying the trip with the people as we bring kit into fruition. It’s not the How nor the Why. It’s all about the Who and the What For”

Industrial Engineer, lecturer on combustion engines, machine design, industrial maintenance and project management. Consultant for the World Bank, PNUD and BEI.


We love challenges. We are capable of conceiving, managing and executing projects in different and even adverse environments.

ATI adapts its know-how, professionals and performance to endogenous variables (geographical location, project complexity, stakeholders…) and exogenous ones (political environment, labor market, climate…). Creativity and resilience define our team and work.

Top specialists

We are committed to excellence. To be able to achieve it we cannot work with anyone who is not the best.

ATI has a team of high level specialists in each of the areas we operate. Even when projects are outside our regular expertise, we know how to respond quickly and efficiently to find the right professional for that matter.

EPC Management

ATI meets the needs of its customers, who always have the possibility to choose the extent of involvement of ATI in the project. We cooperate in different phases, ranging from the conceptual stages of preliminary studies and project planning, to a phase of integral maintenance of the project and even encompass all of it.

Project development

ATI includes BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology in its working methodology. All of the company’s technical professionals have been trained in control, management and development of projects carried out in BIM.

This collaborative work methodology integrates the different disciplines of a project, allowing the creation of a digital model and an exhaustive control of the building from its design to its construction and maintenance.


We understand Sustainability as a fundamental part of our strategic vision and an instrument to build a better world for future generations.

Committed as we are to this transformation, we integrate sustainability in all the processes of our value chain and work every day to innovate and guarantee the highest quality and environmental management standards.

ATI does not conceive engineering without a respectful vision of the environment.

Social Responsibility

We have the social responsibility deeply rooted in our company. We seek to contribute directly to the progress and well-being not only of our clients, workers and their families, but of society in our areas of operation, through effective actions that increase positive impacts wherever we carry out our work.

Our offices

Map Our offices ATI Consult

Spain | Headquarters

C/ José Isbert 20, 1ª planta
28223, Pozuelo de Alarcón

(+34) 91 485 54 30
(+34) 91 485 54 31

Equatorial Guinea

C/ La Libertad 202, Malabo

Sao Tome and Principe

Edificio Equador, Loja 2


Room 10, Floor 3rd. ACM Building 96 Cao Thang.
Ward 4, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City


Apartamentos Compostela.
Av. Principal Los Robles, Managua


C/ Elizabeth Hall Building, 4ª planta,
Katipunan Road, Quezon City

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